Anjali Larsen - Founder / Editor / Writer / Activist

Anjali Larsen is an independent journalist and film student from Paris


While at school, she took theatre, literature and philosophy classes which were catalysts for her passion for writing.


Combining it with her enthusiasm for music, she naturally went in the direction of music journalism, dividing her time between attending concerts and reading cultural revues and magazines, cultivating interest in British culture through zines, and discovering the London music scene.

While still in Paris, she got involved in a project that welcomed young refugees each week to provide them with an education in the French language. She was responsible for organising cultural expeditions into the city.


She also has fondness for film, photography and art, and has been politically engaged since a young age taking part in a number of protests in her home city. It is this wide range of interests that she seeks to meld through Phase Magazine.

Leo Peace – Co-editor / Politics Editor / Activist / Musician / Writer

Leo is a writer, activist and musician studying Liberal Arts.

He was born and raised in Sheffield, South Yorkshire where he had his first serious encounters with music and political radicalism.


He began playing music at an early age after taking up the drums and violin at the age of eight, later teaching himself guitar and bass. 

While in school he engaged with experimental theatre and literature, which laid the foundations for his later interest in writing.


He was an active member of Acorn (tenants union) and the drummer of the band Soapbox Marathon who released their debut album Good Life in 2019

It was after moving to London that he began to integrate his interests into a number of multidisciplinary projects. He was a founding member of two organisations: Phase Magazine and Liberate the University.


Elsa Wasikovna - Artistic Director / Graphic Designer / Artist / Writer

Elsa is a painter and designer from Paris.


She started drawing and painting from a young age, developing passions along the way for a wide range of disciplines.



These different interests nourish her practice as a creator, making her a truly multidisciplinary talent.


In visual arts, creative and academic subjects, she has dabbled in areas such as photography, fashion, theater, Chinese language and culture, philosophy, literature and creative writing.

Jane Dabate - Poetry and Prose Editor / Poet / Writer / Photographer / Activist


Jane is a poet, writer, artist, and activist studying in London.


Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, she was exposed to New England Transcendentalist literary culture at a young age.

At sixteen she was published in the Rattle Poetry Journal for winning the Rattle Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge.

In recent years her poetry and photography have been published in a variety of independent literary journals.


She is now working on a collection of short stories. In her spare time, you can find Jane on the South Bank selling her watercolor paintings.

Oriane Picant - Cinema Editor / Photographer / Filmmaker / Writer


Oriane is a photographer and filmmaker studying philosophy in London.


Growing up in Paris she was exposed to cinema at a young age and developed a passion for image. 

Through her own film making and screenwriting practice, she engages with diverse aspects of creation such as sound design, decor, and costume, experimenting with designing her own garments, all practices she has learned herself. 

Drawing inspiration from classical painting and literature, both her films and her photography pay homage to past eras while preserving a commitment to originality. It is this blend of the past and present that drew her to Phase.  


In particular, she is influenced by black and white French cinema of the 20th century such as Robert Bresson or Jacques Tati. This also is reflected in her film photography practice. 


Garance Querleu - Arts Editor / Artist / Writer / Activist

Garance is an arts journalist, politics student, and multi-media artist
Fluttering between London and Paris she combines Arts and activism. Growing up in Paris, where she developed her admiration for the Arts. 
Distraught with the patriarchal and colonial realities of the world - whilst in London- she decided to align passion with Politics by merging Arts and Activism.



As a Welfare Representative for her university’s Intersectional Feminist Society, she relaunched the society’s Journal The Intersectional, where she directed and wrote a new column ‘The Spotlight’, dedicated to the promotion of emerging POC, LGBTQ+ and female artists.


María García- Writer/ Activist /Communications Officer

María is a LGBTQIA+ activist, writer, and a Liberal Arts student majoring in Politics.
Being raised in the suburbs of Madrid, she devloped a sensitivity towards the world that she has materialized in her feminist and human rights activism. 


Due to her passion for literature and feminist theory, she set up her own reading group and discussion platform as part of an intersectional feminist society in order to raise consciousness and establish feminist groups. These groups enabled her to kill the liberal feminist inside her. Since then, she has been able to develop her own identity, in order to grow and heal.


Eli Weil - Multimedia artist / Filmmaker / Social Media Manager

Eli is a French a multimedia artist:


... Whose work is focused on connecting with images through different mediums (films, photography, writing, and fine arts).


Eli's art is constantly questioning the world, the void, the self, the Other. 


Writing and painting help her escape and face reality. She studies politics and literature in London whilst writing scenarios, filming and photographing the world around her.

She constantly tries to grasp her emotions and the rest of the world’s, in order to understand them and to capture life.

She has been working for Phase since the beginning. She is a great music digger, constantly trying to find new genres and new artists.


Marianne Mignot Ogliastri - Executive Editor / Writer

Marianne is a Franco-Colombian writer and editor born in Mexico.
Growing up, she was constantly moving, which meant she had the chance to live in Senegal, Belgium, London, and Colombia.
This multi-culturalism shaped her artistic sensibility and social consciousness, but also the way she sees the world.


Marianne started playing the violin when she was 10 and engaged with theatre her whole life, producing several plays with a theatre group back home, one which was played at the Théâtre de la Bastille, in Paris.

Growing up with a Colombian mother, she loved dancing from a very young age and has tried a range of styles, from ballet to Latin dances, jazz, and hip hop.